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Experience Your Vision In 3D With Our Expertise

We create immersive Animations, Fake Out of Home Ads and CGI/ Mixed Reality Videos - capturing everyone‘s attention.

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We're a Graz based, worldwide operating, team of interdisciplinary individuals. Our 3D Animation Studio has roots in engineering, creative industries, marketing and entrepreneurship. We approach projects in a unique way.
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How To Make Viral Fake Out Of Home Ads

Making a good ad in general is already an art in itself, from knowing who you’re selling to and making it emotionally appealing to the timing and placement of...

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can rendersnek's services enhance a marketing campaign?

rendersnek is specializing in Mixed Reality Videos/ Fake Out Of Home Ads. Adding fake out of home ads to your campaing can serve several purposes, i.e. bringing attention to an out of home campaign, activating a mural or explaining your product in an innovative way. By integrating cutting-edge visuals and sound, we ensure that marketing campaigns stand out and resonate with audiences. Aiming to drive higher engagement to your campaigns.

What is Fake Out Of Home (FOOH) Advertisement?

FOOH is an innovative advertising technique that seamlessly blends Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with real video footage. This method allows brands to showcase digitally created products or objects within real-world settings. FOOH got popular through Social Media where Brands collaborated with 3D-Artists creating videos which went viral. By using FOOH, advertisers can create hyper-realistic scenarios without the constraints of physical product placements. While FOOH offers a fresh and immersive advertising approach, it also requires expertise in both CGI creation and video editing to ensure a believable integration. Want to know more? Check out our Blog Article.

Are Mixed Reality Videos/ Fake Out Of Home Ads suitable for B2C brands?

Definitely! Fake Out Of Home Ads using CGi bring products to life, share brand tales, and captivate customers. B2C brands can use these Mixed Reality Videos for unforgettable and immersive experiences that resonate with consumers.

How can I imagine the technical process of a FOOH Ad

The process begins with tracking video footage to recreate camera movements in a virtual space. This step is crucial for placing 3D objects in the scene and adjusting elements like lighting and reflections, which contribute to the realism of the ad. Skills required for this process include 3D animation, video editing, and a deep understanding of lighting and material properties to achieve a realistic look. The final stage involves 3D compositing, where different elements are combined to create the final ad.

Do Mixed Reality or CGI videos only make sense for companies with products?
Definitely not. Product businesses can highlight their items with Mixed Reality or CGI. Meanwhile, service providers, schools, event hosters and non-profits can use these videos to simplify ideas, share goals, or narrate stories in a visually engaging way.