A little more about rendersnek

We're a inderdisciplinary team with a broad skillset. We have backgrounds in marketing, rendering, business, mechanical engineering, arts, medicin & architecture. Our diverse backgrounds not only enrich our perspectives but also enable us to tackle challenges from multiple angles.
Tim Haderer
"I'm always looking for challenges - in 3D rendering I find them day in and day out."
Moritz Lumetsberger
"I'm driven by the pursuit of improvement, particularly with people and ideas."
Gregor Egger
Sound Design
"My passion for music and sound design is hearable in every project."
Christoph Schruf
"Communication and being in contact with people is when i thrive."
Filipi Moreno
"When I'm creating in 3D which didn't exist is when I'm experiencing flow."
Barbara Freisinger
Social Media
"Behind every post is a hint of my passion, amplifying our story."

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Envisioning a world where the boundaries of reality are fluid and ever-evolving, where our CGI and 3D masterpieces redefine storytelling, and where every interaction with brands becomes a mesmerizing journey. 'Challenging Reality' isn't just our motto—it's the future we're building.


At Rendersnek, we tell stories in extraordinary ways by challenging the boundaries of reality. Using Mixed Reality, CGI and innovative technologies, we break conventions and merge technology with creativity, captivating our audiences and brands with every visual experience.