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How To Make Viral Fake Out Of Home Ads

Posted by snekadmin on 15. December 2023

Making a good ad in general is already an art in itself, from knowing who you’re selling to and making it emotionally appealing to the timing and placement of an ad.

I don't wish to delve deeply into advertising in general; there are many more experts available for that. Today I want to take you on the journey of how we can make amazing fake out of home Ads (FOOH Ads).

The Power and Definition of Fake Out Of Home Ads

Here’s a brief definition: Fake Out Of Home Ads are Ads that combine actual video footage with 3D elements, mostly showcasing a product in an absurd, close to reality, way.

In 2023 every week another FOOH Ad (also known as FAUX OOH) has gone viral. As of december 2023 a decent amounts of big brands like, Adidas, Samsung, Lenovo, Maybelline and even Apple jumped on this trend.

vapiano fooh penne avalanche before cgi action; fake out of home ads

Without 3D-Elements

vapiano fooh penne avalanche after cgi action; fake out of home ads

With 3D-Elements

4 Key Elements That Make Fake Out Of Home Ads Go Viral

Creativity and originality

What goes for every advertisement also counts for Fake Out Of Home Ads. People want creativity and originality. No matter if you’re an artist or a brand. It's worth spending a couple more hours on planning and designing the concept; it might take a surprising turn and end up going viral.

Attention-grabbing visuals and design

Strong visuals and effective design saturate social media, demanding that you distinguish yourself to truly make an impact. Use the first 1-3 seconds to grab the users attention by setting up the hook. Moreover spend time on details. Shadows, reflections, lighting and poor rotoscoping will give your video away although people won’t be able to put a finger on it. You don’t want your audience wandering what’s wrong with the video, you want them to be stunned and wonder how this looks so real, while knowing it’s not.


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Relevance to the target audience

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Viral potential of your Fake Out of Home Ad

Understanding the viral potential of your Fake Out of Home Ads is paramount to their success. Consider this as the secret sauce that can propel your content to the far reaches of the internet. Viral potential isn't just a matter of luck; it's a calculated aspect of your FOOH Ads strategy. During the concept phase, invest time in dissecting your content and identifying what could make it go viral. Is it an emotionally stirring narrative, an unexpected twist, or a story that resonates with a broad audience? Perhaps it's a jaw-dropping visual effect that leaves viewers in awe. Deliberately place these elements within your video, strategically build up to them, or unleash them right from the beginning. Remember, while there's always a bit of luck involved in virality, meticulous planning and attention to the factors that drive sharing can significantly boost your FOOH Ads' chances of becoming the next internet sensation.

The Rendersnek Step-by-Step guide how to create viral fake out of home ads.

Now that we discussed the key elements of successful fake out of home ads, let’s walk through the process of creating one - or at least how we at rendersnek work.

Idea generation and brainstorming

It all starts with a meeting of the two parties - 3d animation studio & you - especially if there’s no idea existing yet. Understanding your needs and your clients needs is essential for the whole project. Based on the first briefing, briefingmaterial and some basic online research, the brainstorming process starts. Either with you or internally. Once we decided on an idea we move on to the next step.

Shoot the Video

Ensuring a hassle-free and legally sound video shoot is our priority. There is some rather small stuff you need to pay attention to, like not messing with copyrights and defamation of other parties. If you work with us, we'll provide you with all the essential information.

Besides that, as already mentioned, the base of all FOOH Ads are regular videos. Think about what format (16:9, 9:16 or 4:3) and what resolution (Full HD, 4K) you want it to be - that will already make a difference in how the video is being shot.


Every fake out of home ad creation starts with the tracking of the videofootage. That basically means that we recreate the camera movement of the videographer in a virtual space. This allows us to recreate the surroudings in a virtual scene, that represents what we see in the videofootage, and put 3D objects in there. Adjusting lighting, materials and reflections is where the reality comes in. Especially lighting makes 80% of a realistic scene/ object. In the end everything is being composited together (called 3d compositing), part of the could be to set objects free and layer them on top of your CGI installation to create another level of reality. É voila you got your FOOH Ad.

While there's still significant manual work involved (not AI driven yet), we've omitted some complexities in the explanation to keep things clear and accessible, ensuring that we handle all the heavy lifting for you. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Ethical Considerations in Creating Fake Out Of Home Ads

Something that is not being discussed too much about is the ethical consideration of fake out of home ads. This is a huge topic will be discussed in a seperate article, but for now note that a lot of public buildings have a historical background, so think twice if you want to alter or play with this building. When you work with us, we do this research for you.

Will the Trend Of Fake Out Of Home Ads last?

The buzz around Fake Out of Home Ads is undeniable in the marketing world, but will this trend stand the test of time? We anticipate it will remain a dominant force in advertising for at least another year.

As with any trend, it will evolve, and the initial viral excitement may wane. However, this presents exciting opportunities for 3D animation studios and artists to explore new and innovative creative avenues.

Brands like Samsung are already pioneering fresh approaches to FOOH Ads, showcasing their products uniquely. The future of FOOH Ads holds promise and limitless creativity, with brands and artists continually captivating audiences with remarkable content.


To sum it up, Fake Out of Home Ads (FOOH Ads) are going viral all over social media, due to their creative and attention-grabbing nature. These ads combine real video footage with imaginative 3D elements to showcase products in unique ways.

Certain key elements, like creativity, strong visuals, and relevance to the audience, makes them stand out and go viral. Companies and artists working on these ads must also consider ethical aspects when altering public places.

We believe that FOOH Ads will remain popular for at least another year and will become an essential part in the world of advertising in the future.

We are convinced that Fake Out Of Home Ads offer exciting opportunities for creative minds to explore new ideas.

So, keep an eye out for these impressive ads and the creativity they bring to advertising, as FOOH Ads are here to stay, offering endless possibilities for engaging audiences. If you want to see more examples check out this article.



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