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What is Fake Out Of Home (FOOH) Advertisement?

FOOH is an innovative advertising technique that seamlessly blends Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with real video footage. This method allows brands to showcase digitally created products or objects within real-world settings. FOOH got popular through Social Media where Brands collaborated with 3D-Artists creating videos which went viral. By using FOOH, advertisers can create hyper-realistic scenarios without the constraints of physical product placements. While FOOH offers a fresh and immersive advertising approach, it also requires expertise in both CGI creation and video editing to ensure a believable integration. Want to know more? Check out our Blog Article.

How can rendersnek's services enhance a marketing campaign?

rendersnek is specializing in Mixed Reality Videos/ Fake Out Of Home Ads. Adding fake out of home ads to your campaing can serve several purposes, i.e. bringing attention to an out of home campaign, activating a mural or explaining your product in an innovative way. By integrating cutting-edge visuals and sound, we ensure that marketing campaigns stand out and resonate with audiences. Aiming to drive higher engagement to your campaigns.

What are the key elements that contribute to the virality of Fake Out Of Home Ads?

Virality of FOOH Ads depends on creativity, eye-catching design, audience relevance, and potential for virality. Essential aspects include unique ideas, strong visuals, engaging content, and elements like emotional narratives or surprising visual effects. Want to know more - check out this blogpost about how to create viral fake out of home ads.

How can I imagine the technical process of a FOOH Ad 

The process begins with tracking video footage to recreate camera movements in a virtual space. This step is crucial for placing 3D objects in the scene and adjusting elements like lighting and reflections, which contribute to the realism of the ad. Skills required for this process include 3D animation, video editing, and a deep understanding of lighting and material properties to achieve a realistic look. The final stage involves 3D compositing, where different elements are combined to create the final ad.

What is Mixed Reality Video/ Fake Out Of Home Ad and how does it differ from traditional video?
Mixed Reality Videos mix real video and computer generated elements. Basically computer generated elements are layered above video material. That's basically what Hollywood does in certain scenes of SCI-FI movies.
What is the difference between AR, VR and Mixed Reality Videos?
While AR overlays digital content on the real world using your phone as a "filter", VR immerses users in a completely virtual environment using e.g. the Meta Quest or Apple Vision VR Glasses.
Mixed Reality Videos combine CGI (=Computer Generated Imagery) and real video footage. The difference to AR is, that for now way higher quality can be achieved.
Are Mixed Reality or CGI videos suitable for B2C brands?
Definitely! Mixed Reality and CGI videos bring products to life, share brand tales, and captivate customers. B2C brands can use these videos for unforgettable and immersive experiences that resonate with consumers.
Why is sound design important for videos?
Sound design gives videos emotion and depth. It shapes how viewers feel, whether it's excitement, nostalgia, or urgency. For marketers and brands, great sound ensures the message is both seen and felt, making the viewer's experience more powerful.
Do Mixed Reality or CGI videos only make sense for companies with products?
Definitely not. Product businesses can highlight their items with Mixed Reality or CGI. Meanwhile, service providers, schools, event hosters and non-profits can use these videos to simplify ideas, share goals, or narrate stories in a visually engaging way.
Can I customize the style and characters in the video?
Absolutely! Customization allows the video to align with your brand's identity and resonate more effectively with your target audience.
What industries or sectors have you previously worked with?

We've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from marketing agencies, videographers and B2C brands to Festivals like Vapiano. Check out our projects to find more information.

What is the importance of concept development in video production?
Concept development is the foundation of any video project. It ensures clarity, relevance, originality, and feasibility, making sure the final product resonates with the target audience and stands out in the market.
How does the process of a Mixed Reality Video/ Fake Out Of Home Ad look like?
  1. Needs assessement in a first meeting. So we understand what our client wants.
  2. We create one or multiple concepts that fulfil our clients needs.
  3. Video Shooting: Either the client provides the content or we shoot it ourselves.
  4. Creating the 3D object(s) and the blend the CGI into the videofootage.
  5. Feedback and Revision
  6. Delivery

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How do Spark AR filters elevate my brand on Instagram?
Spark AR filters offer a unique blend of interactivity and storytelling, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind for your audience.
How is AR being used in industries?
AR is revolutionizing sectors from retail to healthcare, offering interactive product demos, remote assistance, and more. Through AR-Plattforms you're also able to get insights into userdemographics, which makes it a powerful marketing tool.
What are the four fundaments of a strong concept?
The four pillars are Clarity, Relevance, Originality, and Feasibility. Together, they ensure a concept is clear, resonates with the target audience, stands out, and is achievable.