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Mixed Reality Videos

rendersnek crafts the unreal into believable visuals. Enriching real video footage with CGI, we create engaging Mixed Reality Videos or so called Fake Out Of Home Ads. Challanging reality is our mission.

Mixed Reality Videos - WHY?

In a crowded media world, differentiation is key. Mixed Reality Videos or "Fake Out Of Home Ads" are that edge. Marketing agencies craft memorable campaigns. B2C brands are given the possiblity to transform product displays into immersive spectacles. Videographers can break creative limits.
Draws viewers into a blended world, offering a deeper, captivating experience.
Real and surreal blend sparks curiosity and humor, driving viewers to interact more.
Elevates ordinary visuals to extraordinary, reshaping audience perception.
CGI in videos means endless creative options. Your idea - no limits.

Project Idea?

Contact us or get inspired by our past work.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Mixed Reality Video and how does it differ from traditional video?
Mixed Reality Videos mix real and virtual worlds. They create a unique experience where real-world and digital elements interact. Mixed Reality Videos offer an immersive, engaging, and transformative viewing experience.
How can Mixed Reality Videos benefit my brand or campaign?
Mixed Reality videos captivate audiences by offering immersive and engaging content. They can make your campaigns memorable and drive more interaction. Through CGI, Mixed Reality Videos offer endless creative possibilities.
What do you mean by "endless creative options" using CGI in videos?
With CGI integration, you can add, modify, or transform almost any element in your videos. From subtle enhancements to grand visual spectacles, the only limit is your imagination.
How does the process of a Mixed Reality Video look like?
  1. Needs assessement in a first meeting. So we understand what our client wants.
  2. We give feedback based on your concept and ad our personal touch.
  3. Video Shooting: Either the client provides the content or we shoot it ourselves.
  4. Creating the 3D object(s) and the blend the CGI into the videofootage.
  5. Feedback and Revision
  6. Delivery
What industries or sectors have you previously worked with?

We've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from marketing agencies, videographers and B2C brands to Festivals like Frequency Festival. Check out our projects to find more information.